The Best Instagram Accounts To follow For Pizza Lovers

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Want to start your day with flavourful and zestful crunchy food? You’re at the right place. We are well known for drool-worthy food like pizzas, burgers, veg fritters, paneer korozkott, desserts, and beverages. We are also known for providing a cozy ambiance, comforting food, and relaxing seating arrangements. The best place to start a conversation! Our chefs bring to the table years of experience cooking in different parts of the world. 

Just as we started getting used to the “new normal” that the pandemic threw at us and as more people are working from home, we all crave tasty food that is healthy and flavourful. As there are numerous restrictions on eating out and people are forced to cook at home, there are various shortcuts to save the day. As the lockdown was imposed, many of us were ready to hit the kitchen with aprons and exciting recipes and scroll all social media platforms for some flavourful food.

We could see those images with happy faces holding their dishes and excitement of trying something new. On the other side, cooking might seem cumbersome for few people and if you are one among them don’t worry, we would make it enjoyable for you. If you are a pizza lover and loves fast food items and want some engrossing or fascinating recipes, here we provide you with the best Instagram accounts to follow to get some mouth-watering and creative assortments.

 Let’s travel through the best Instagram accounts for pizza lovers and have a look at their creative, professional side and see how they make cooking fun and easy. 

Best Instagram Accounts To follow For Pizza Lovers

1. Pizza Lovers Bistro (PizzaloversBistro)

Looking for authentic Italian flavor in pizza? As for pizza lovers, pizza is more than the divine- heavenly feeling by trying the fresh ingredients and exotic flavors. As pizzas are the authentic Italian food smothered in sauces, tons of cheese, and spices, it is flavorsome and delicious. They state that Italian is the language of LOVE! They celebrate the word Buono as it means friendly, upbeat, and translates the word as excellent or tasty when referring to food.

They understand your yearning for food and how those colorful flavors bring a bright smile to your face. Their pizza is excellent, thin, crusty dough with great quality toppings. Their specialty is norvegese pizza with the base of Margherita and mozzarella, which appears to be good tasting. They have around 2,476 followers on their Instagram page. 

2. Pizza 🍕 LoVeR (Professional_foodii)

Love for pizza is never-ending. The most challenging part is when you’re on a diet, but pizza is your life. Sometimes we all need a pizza break, and the favourite toppings can make it yummy and luscious. They came up with classic pepperoni Jalapeno pizza with a great combination of toppings and cheese, making you feel to dive into the ocean filled with cheese, fresh veggies, chili flakes, and spicy, juicy, tangy exotic flavours.

They also came up with trying different pizza bases, different structures, which can make people mouth-watering and awestruck. The primary creative part lies in trying diverse bases and different textures of pizza with exciting, flavour bust toppings.

Are you a chocolate lover? Then you can try the chocolate pizza suggested on their Instagram page. It is an excellent combination of your favourite chocolate and pizza, which can enhance your taste buds with the melted chocolate in your mouth, giving you intense pleasure, which is highly customized for you. Nutella pizza can make you feel wow with flavours like strawberries, sliced almonds that can make your day. They have around 7,433 followers on Instagram page. 

3. Pizza Lovers (Pizza_lovers_official)

Love for pizza begins from childhood. They have exclusively shown perfect spring pizza with fresh veggies sprinkled with onion rings and tomatoes. An ideal pizza comes from high-quality ingredients, and they have shown step by step process of how to make an exquisite pizza. They also offered a combination of mortadella and pistachio, pizza with Apulian burrata, etc.

4. PIZZA LOVERS ( Geelong_pizza _lovers ) 


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Well, the name says it all. They have tried prosciutto pizza. It is a different kind of pizza where they keep the sauce and toppings light and bake the pizza with only cheese and sauce, adding the prosciutto, arugula. They have also tried spaghetti pizza with the finest and fresh ingredients. They came up with the juiciest sliders, which the pizza lovers would love. Their kitchen smells heavenly, especially the smoked BBQ sauce and tandoori paneer as an option for the pizza. 

5. Pizza- lovers(pizza_lovers_ni)


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As they say, “Life is an experiment, the more experiments you make, the better’’. They have been experimenting with different types of flour, blends of flour, and trying different kinds of pizzas. They have also tried different thin-crust pizzas topped with pepperoni. They have also experimented by making a traditional Neapolitan style pizza topped with San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, chorizo, etc. If you are looking out to test something new, this is the right place. 

6. Scott’s Pizza Tours ( Scott’s pizza tours )

They are a tour agency known as a World record holder and a pizza box collector. They conduct weekend classes, workshops to answer your questions regarding pizzas, home pizza making, pizza history. These experts have answers to all your queries. One of the experts runs the industry’s top pizza business podcasts along with operators and his own experience as an owner.

I hope the blog was helpful for all the pizza lovers, and you’ve got an exciting piece of information on the different variety of pizzas, their making, and the love behind making them. If you feel we can add any other Instagram accounts that are also well specialized in making pizzas, do let us know!

The Best Instagram Accounts To follow For Pizza Lovers

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