5 Delicious Winter Pizzas to Heat Up Your Day

Delicious Winter Pizzas to Heat Up Your Day-min


Cold weather calls for steamy craving and pizza is always on the list. If there is one cuisine that has become a part of our colloquial diet to vast extents, it would be Italian. Pizzas are the authentic Italian food that is widely enjoyed and consumed by many of our natives. While pizza never fails to savour your taste buds, winter pizzas are the one that illustrates the succulent flavour. Take a look at the five delicious winter pizzas that can steam up your day. 

5 Delicious Winter Pizzas

1. Winter Burrata pizza 

winter burrata pizza

A winter burrata is a relishable pizza that you can have on the list. Burrata is an Italian cheese that is made with a blend of white cream and mozzarella. Pizza and cheese go hand in hand. The mouth-melting cheese added in this pizza is a delicious treat. The pizza is made with a great combination of vegetables sauteed with chilli honey. 

The winter burrata pizza is made from various vegetables like the mushrooms, bell peppers, chillis, pistachios, shallots, spinach and much more. This is a great food for winter dinners and will leave an everlasting impression on your taste buds. A pizza dough made from rich flour is baked along to prepare a thin crust that goes along with the burrata’s flavour and sauteed vegetables.  The chilli honey’s flavour blends along with the other ingredients and develops a rich flavour of elan. 

2. The Spicy pepperoni 

the spicy pepperoni

Out of the different flavours of pizza, pepperoni is the most popular and relished sort.  Pepperoni is generally a combination of different flavours of meat baked and combined to give a patty like detectable structures to be topped on the pizzas. 

Different types of sauces go along with the pepperoni pizzas. The tangy tomato sauce is the classic that is generally used in the pepperoni pizza.  Seasoned with paprika and chilli peppers, spicy pepperoni pizza is sure to give a strong and flavour rich boost to your pizza cravings. 

The parmesan cheese added to the pepperoni pizza is a detectable flavour punch that will enhance the taste of the spicy pepperoni pizza. 

3. Lamb Ricotta pizza

lamb ricotta winter pizza

Lamb ricotta is a perfect blend of lamb and ricotta cheese which is highly soothing for winter. The crunchy lamb that is roasted at the right temperature and with exotic sauces can make you crave for more servings. Parsley and red onions are the suitable condiments that add high flavours to the lamb ricotta. 

Roasted veggies like broccoli, zucchini, bell peppers, capsicum add up the taste to multitudes of levels.  The ricotta cheese is grilled at the right consistency and is baked to make the best lamb pizza. 

4. Multigrain pizza

multigrain pizza
multigrain pizza

Who said pizzas are not healthy? This multigrain pizza brings you the taste of yummy pizzas with healthy options. Multigrain pizzas is a suitable winter pizza and will keep you off the fitness regime while also satiating your pizza cravings. 

Multigrain pizza has ingredients like oatmeal, sunflower seeds, olives, red chilli, flax seeds, basil leaves, black peppers, porcini, mushrooms, onions, oregano, pine nuts, and much more. 

The pizza base is made with the whole grain wheat flour. The dough is kneaded well, and a solid crusty base is formed to blend along with the rich multigrain that are baked to prepare the pizza. 

5. Barbecue smoked sausage pizza

barbecue smoked sausage pizza

Barbecue smoked pizza is an exotic winter pizza that you can resist. Barbecue lovers know the thrill of barbecuing the perfect meat at the ideal temperature and throwing a feast. Do you know what’s better than that? A barbecue smoked pizza. 

The perfect combination of meat like chicken or mutton is barbecued to produced a zesty barbecue smoked pizza.  Made with the right condiments and hing of cheese, it is sure to leave an everlasting taste. 


Pizzas just started as quick bites initially. But as days move on, pizzas are becoming the most sought after main courses as well. What better way to chill on a cosy day with blankets wrapped and munching pizzas? Try out the above winter pizzas. Jonah’s makes the best pizzas which are nothing short of the above flavourful winter pizzas. 

Which pizza at Jonah’s are you excited to try out. 

5 Delicious Winter Pizzas to Heat Up Your Day

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