A Guide To Finding The Best Pizza in Chennai

A Guide to Finding The Best Pizza in Chennai-min


If you’re looking for the best pizza in Chennai, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve tasted our way through the city’s pizzerias and picked few pointers to find the best pizzas in Chennai. No matter where you choose to eat, one thing is certain: you won’t go away hungry. Pizzas are the best Italian food and have slowly crept into our food system as well. Well, the exotic taste or the soul comfort the food gives, which is to blame? So how to find the best pizza in Chennai?

To find the best pizzas places in Chennai, let me give you some pointers. 

Guide To Finding The Best Pizza in Chennai

1. Authentic Italian cuisine.

Make sure that they have Italian cuisine on their menu. Pizzas are the best Italian dish anyone could have. And it is necessary to consume pizzas at the best place where you get Italian food. 

2. Hygiene is the key

Make sure that the place where you crash to have pizzas are clean and hygienic. What’s better than having safe and hygienic food? Well, nothing is.  Look for a place that sells the best and hygienic pizza at their best quality. 

3. Wide range of pizzas

 One wonderful thing about pizza is that it is diverse in taste with different flavours. You can add on as many toppings and flavours as you like, and they will make the best pizza. 

4. Satiating everyone’s taste and liking

Well, a few like pineapple on pizza and few crave pepperoni on the pizza, and few others have widely different taste. Every craving is valid, and a good pizza place to satiate every desire is the best place to find pizza in Chennai. 

5. Customization is the key

The best place will customize the pizza according to your taste and wants. Be it the paprika on the top, cheese burst in the crust, or a mild and thin crust, for your pizza, the best pizza place will make sure that everything you ask for is addressed. 

6. Add sauce to your food and life. 

Well, pizza sauces are nothing short of a treat to our buds, and they add up great taste. The best pizza place will have an exotic and lip-smacking sauce that will boost the taste of your pizza to a multitude of levels. 

7. Quality of spices

Spices are God’s own blessing to food, and the quality of spices are the key to a highly relishing pizza. The taste of oregano, chilli flakes, and paprika are sure to enhance the pizzas taste levels to a multifarious level. A best pizza place should have quality spices, which is a primary component of finding the best pizza and pizza place. 

8. Healthy options

Who said pizzas are not healthy? Healthy options for pizza are numerous. Right from vegan pizzas to wheat crust pizza, gluten pizza, and much more, pizzas have healthy options as well. Healthy options in pizzas are an added benefit when you search for pizzas or pizza places that are the best. 

9. Fusion pizzas 

Fusion pizzas? Well, why not? Indie touch in Italian pizza is definitely a top-notch fusion. Fusion pizzas are the best kind of pizza, combing the authentic taste of our food with the Italian dish, and it is supposed to be one of the best possible options to consider a pizza the best. 

10. Some Special Pizzaa 

Few popular pizzas are veggie deluxe, paneer paprika, pepperoni pizza, barbecue pizza, Margherita pizza, cheesy corn, farmhouse pizza, sundried tomato pizzas, wood-fired pizza, mushrooms and garlic and many more. 


If you’re looking for authentic, wood-fired pizza in Chennai, you’re in luck. From the award-winning Pizza Corner’s white-sauce-and-cheese classic to the contemporary Mexican-style pizzas of Theobroma’s wood-fired adobe oven, there are plenty of options to choose from at Jonah’s. Of course, you can also find many heavy options as well. They are delicious pizza all across the city at fine-dining restaurants, cafes, and even food trucks. Of course, our taste buds may not match yours, so feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section.

A Guide To Finding The Best Pizza in Chennai

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