10 Types of Rice Curry Bowls That You Have To Try At Jonah’s Bistro 

Rice Curry Bowls

Rice-based curries, or rice curry bowls, are a delicious take on classic curry recipes. Curry is served over fluffy, steaming rice in these delicious masterpieces, giving each bite a complex and well-balanced blend of flavours and textures this blog explains the types of rice bowls at Jonah’s Bistro

The way rice absorbs the flavorful curry sauce and is presented distinguishes rice curry bowls from other types of curries. While rice is usually served on the side in conventional curries, it takes centre stage in rice curry bowls. The curry’s aromas seep into the rice, resulting in a delicious contrast between the rice’s grains and the creamy, spicy sauce.

There are several regional and international versions of rice curry bowls, like Indian butter chicken with basmati rice, Japanese curry rice, and Thai green curry with jasmine rice. They provide an easy and filling one-bowl supper that is ideal for people who want the flavorful richness of curry but don’t want to use additional utensils.

By letting the rice and curry sauce combine closely, rice curry bowls essentially give the conventional curry a layer of texture and depth that results in a delicious and distinct flavour.

List of Rice Bowls at Jona’s Bistro

Veg Red Curry

types of rice bowls

Thai cuisine’s vivacious and fragrant Veg Red Curry is renowned for its flavour—a robust blend of spices and coconut milk. This is a delicious vegetarian dish that combines a variety of veggies with tofu or tempeh, all cooked in a fragrant red curry sauce made with ginger, garlic, lemongrass, and red chilli peppers. The rich, creamy texture of the coconut milk counteracts the spicy heat of the seasonings.

Thai cuisine’s robust and flavorful essence can be tasted in the Veg Red Curry, which is traditionally served over steamed jasmine rice. It has a sweet and savoury profile with a hint of spice, making it a satisfying and comfortable dinner. 

Chicken Red Curry

Popular Thai cuisine chicken red curry is well-known for its robust and spicy flavour. Tender chicken chunks are cooked in a rich, red curry sauce that is prepared from a fragrant mixture of garlic, ginger, lemongrass, and red chilli peppers in this delectable curry.

The creamy coconut milk counterbalances the spiciness in the sauce, and the crunchy addition of bell peppers and bamboo shoots adds a delicious texture.

It has become a renowned Thai classic because of its delectable blend of savoury and spicy flavours, especially when served with steaming jasmine rice. Try the Chicken Red Curry if you’re looking for a flavorful and aromatic culinary experience. 

Seafood Red Curry

types of rice bowls

A delicious Thai dish called Seafood Red Curry blends the riches of the ocean with the robust flavours of red curry. This mouthwatering dish is made up of a variety of fresh seafood, such as fish, shrimp, and mussels, all covered in a hot and aromatic red curry sauce.

A combination of garlic, lemongrass, red chilli peppers, and other fragrant spices gives the sauce its deep flavour. The creamy coconut milk provides the spicy spices with a calming, velvety backdrop.

Shellfish Red Curry, served with veggies like bell peppers and basil leaves, is a flavorful symphony that combines the sweet taste of shellfish with the energising heat of Thai spices. For those who enjoy fish, it’s a flavorful and fulfilling gastronomic experience. 

Beef Red Curry

types of rice bowls

Tender beef strips cooked in a fragrant and spicy red curry sauce are the star of this delicious Thai meal called Beef Red Curry.

Red chilli peppers, garlic, lemongrass, and fragrant spices are combined to create a delicious balance of tastes in the sauce. For those who love beef, the dish’s savoury and fulfilling combination of jasmine rice and creamy coconut milk balances off the dish’s intense heat.

Fish Kerala Curry

The delicious South Indian dish Fish Kerala Curry, sometimes referred to as “Meen Curry,” is praised for its flavours and sense of place. Tender fish chunks are the star of this fragrant curry, which is usually prepared with a tangy, moderately spicy coconut milk base.

Curry leaves, turmeric, tamarind, and green chillies are important components that combine to create a flavorful, acidic, and slightly spicy dish.

The dish’s distinct flavours, which go well with steamed rice, are a reflection of Kerala, India’s culinary diversity. A popular and savoury addition to Indian cooking, fish curry from Kerala is valued for its unique coastal charm and simplicity.

Prawn Kerala Curry

types of rice bowls

A coastal delicacy from South India, prawn Kerala curry highlights the bold flavours of Kerala’s culinary legacy. A coconut-based sauce with a touch of tanginess and spice simmers succulent prawns. Curry leaves, turmeric, ginger, garlic, and green chillies are important components.

The end product is a dish that is rich, aromatic, and creamy; it goes well with steaming rice or appam (rice pancakes). For those who enjoy the flavours of coastal India, the Prawn Kerala Curry is a must-try dish that showcases the region’s seafood skill. 

Veg Green Curry

Thai culinary treasure Veg Green Curry is praised for its distinct, bright, and fresh flavour. This delectable vegetarian dish features a green curry paste composed of aromatic herbs and spices, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and green chilli peppers.

Because of the coconut milk, the sauce has a somewhat sweet taste and is refreshing. Tightly packed with a brilliant variety of veggies, this meal is wonderful and vibrant. Its distinctive flavour profile, which is hot but delightfully herbal, sets it apart from other Thai curries.

For those who yearn for the distinctive and fragrant essence of Thai cuisine, the Veg Green Curry is a revitalising experience.

Chicken Green Curry

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Thai culinary masterwork Chicken Green Curry is well-known for its remarkable flavour combination. Succulent chicken chunks are cooked in a green curry paste consisting of ginger, lemongrass, green chilli peppers, and other flavorful spices in this delectable dish.

Its special harmony of sweetness, freshness, and spice—awarded by the creamy coconut milk—is what really sets it apart. It offers a symphony of tastes when served with jasmine rice, fusing the softness of the chicken with the pungent herbs and spices.

Thai cuisine is rich in culinary treasures like Chicken Green Curry, which is distinguished by its strong, fragrant, and pleasantly herbal flavour profile.

Seafood Green Curry

A masterwork of Thai cuisine, seafood green curry entices the senses with its flavorful, aromatic fusion. A variety of seafood, including shrimp, mussels, and fish, are prepared in a green curry paste using lemongrass, green chilli peppers, and other flavorful herbs and spices.

The creamy balance of the curry’s spice comes from the coconut milk. Thai culinary skill is showcased through a unique and delectable seafood experience that combines a diversity of seafood with the refreshing flavours of herbs.

Beef Green Curry

A flavorful Thai meal called Beef Green Curry uses a unique combination of fresh, herbal, and mildly spicy spices to enhance the soft beef slices. It has a green curry paste made with aromatic herbs and spices, lemongrass, and green chilli peppers.

Rich coconut milk amplifies the overall smoothness and balances the spice. The end product is a flavorful symphony that combines the cool notes of herbs with the succulent texture of beef to create a unique and fulfilling Thai meal. 

The Palate at Jonah’s


A culinary paradise, Jonah’s Bistro is renowned for its amazing and unique menu. Situated around the city, we provide a delicious blend of international flavours. Every meal, from Italian risottos to Thai green curries, is a mouthwatering voyage of flavour and creativity.

The menu offers a wide variety of dishes, including fiery Paneer Tikka, fragrant Sushi Rolls, and soft Lamb Tagine. Tasty dishes that satisfy a variety of palates are available for both meat lovers and vegetarians to enjoy.

Jonah’s Bistro skillfully combines global influences into a symphony of delectable culinary treats to provide an outstanding dining experience. 


Take a culinary journey with us at Jonah’s Bistro as we introduce you to the world of rice curry bowls. Our menu is an international taste journey not to be missed, with dishes including the flavorful Beef Green Curry, Seafood Green Curry, and the bright Veg Red Curry.

Come and enjoy our rice curry bowls’ rich, aromatic essence and the symphony of different tastes. Discover, delight in, and be enchanted by international cuisine all under one roof. Your ticket to an amazing culinary adventure that will excite your taste buds and leave you wanting more is Jonah’s Bistro.


  1. What are the different types of rice dishes?

Rice dishes come in a variety of flavours and textures and are found in many different cultures. Spanish Paella, a seafood and meat meal steeped with saffron; Japanese Sushi, which consists of vinegared rice and a variety of ingredients; and Mexican Arroz con Pollo, a savoury rice and chicken combo, are a few popular varieties.

Other dishes include Italian risotto, Thai Fried Rice, and Indian Biryani, each with its own special ingredients and cooking techniques.

  1. What kind of rice is used for curry?

Curry is frequently served with basmati rice in Indian and Thai cuisines. Its long grains stay apart, giving it the ideal texture to go well with curry dishes’ rich and delicious taste. Because of its inherent aroma and capacity to take up the flavours of the curry, basmati rice is a well-liked choice for curry side dishes.

  1. What is the name of an Indian rice dish?

Among the most well-known rice dishes from India is “Biryani.” With a blend of spices like cardamom, cloves, and saffron, fragrant Basmati rice is used to make the savoury and aromatic meal known as biryani.

It is sometimes prepared with lamb, poultry, or vegetables, producing a delicious, multi-layered masterpiece that is well-liked all over India. There are several regional variations of biryani, and each has a unique flavour and flair. 

  1. What are the different types of Indian rice?

India is home to a wide variety of rice kinds, such as the fragrant Basmati, the well-liked Jasmine in South India, the medium-grain Sona Masuri, and the half-cooked Parboiled rice, which is easier to digest. Because each variety has distinct flavours and qualities, rice is a significant ingredient in Indian cooking.

10 Types of Rice Curry Bowls That You Have To Try At Jonah’s Bistro 

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