Mocktail Varieties For Non-Alcoholic

Mocktails: The Rise Of Non-Alcoholic Beverage In The Culinary World

Alcoholic beverages have been a staple in social gatherings and celebrations for ages. 

In recent years, people have been looking for more exciting options that provide the same fun and flavour but without the twist: no booze! That is when mocktails got into the limelight. The culinary world evolved to keep up with people’s changing tastes and lifestyles by popularising this non-alcoholic, perfect solution. 

Since mocktails are vibrant in colour with exceptional flavours and served with catching presentations, regardless of age or reasons, it allows everyone who wants to avoid alcohol to enjoy them. With mocktails, now you can join the drinks action without getting high! It ensures that everyone can socialise over drinks together. 

In this blog, we will explore mocktail varieties that are a must-try if you are not in the mood to drink or on a health kick. Let’s get started!

Here Are 9 Jonah’s Bistro- Mocktail Specials

Jonah’s Bistro is known for its innovative mocktail menu that keeps guests coming back for more. Here are some of their most popular mocktail varieties:

Lemon Mint Cooler

mocktail varieties

Fresh lemon juice muddled with mint leaves and topped with soda is perfect for lazy afternoons or warm evenings. This refreshing drink with a minty zing makes it a crowd favourite in summer.

IngredientsFreshly squeezed lemon juiceFresh mint leavesSimple syrupClub sodaIce cubes
How do you make it?Muddle mint leaves in a glassAdd lemon juice and simple syrupPut the ice cubes and top up with club sodaServe by garnishing with a lemon slice and mint sprig

Virgin Pina Colada

Creamy coconut milk blended with pineapple juice gives the flavours of a piña colada without any rum. A tropical delight that’s as delicious as the original feels like a beach vacation.

IngredientsPineapple juiceCoconut milkCrushed icePineapple slice (for garnishing)Maraschino cherry (for garnishing)
How do you make it?Blend pineapple juice, coconut milk, and crushed ice until smoothPour the mixture into a glass and garnish with a pineapple slice and maraschino cherry

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Strawberry Chilli

mocktail varieties

Sweet strawberries blended with a hint of spicy red chili for an intriguing flavour combination will be the most adventurous mocktail you have ever tasted. The subtle heat adds an exciting twist.

IngredientsFresh strawberries, hulledChili powderLime juiceSimple syrupIce cubes
How do you make it?Blend strawberries, chili powder, lime juice, and simple syrup with ice cubes until smooth.Pour the mixture by straining into a glass and serve with a chili rim for an extra kick

Spicy Blue Lagoon

mocktail varieties

Blue curacao gives this mocktail a gorgeous blue hue. A splash of lime and chili syrup adds zing to this tropical mocktail, making it a feast for the eyes and carnival for your taste buds. 

IngredientsBlue curacao syrupLime juiceGinger aleIce cubes
How do you make it?In a glass, put ice cubes.Pour blue curacao syrup and lime juice over the ice cubes.Top the drink with ginger ale and stir gently before serving

ABC Blend

The blended Apple, beet, and carrot juices make for a healthy yet tasty mocktail. This wellness potion looks as vibrant as it tastes!

IngredientsApple juiceBeetroot juiceCarrot juiceIce cubes
How do you make it?Mix equal parts of apple, beetroot, and carrot juice in a glass.Add ice cubes to the glassStir well before serving

Virgin Mojito

mocktail varieties

Mint leaves muddled with lime juice and topped with soda for a refreshing twist on the classic mojito. It offers a burst of citrusy freshness with every sip. 

IngredientsFresh mint leavesFresh lime juiceSimple syrupClub sodaIce cubes
How do you make it?Muddle mint leaves with lime juice and simple syrup in a glassFill in with ice cubes Top up with club sodaGarnish with mint leaves and a lime wedge


A blend of orange, pineapple, and grenadine syrups come together in this vibrant pink mocktail fit for royalty. It is a perfect blend of sweet, tangy, and utterly delightful. 

IngredientsOrange juicePineapple juiceGrenadine syrupCrushed iceMarasxhino cherry (for garnish)
How do you make it?Mix orange and pineapple juices with grenadine syrup and crushed ice in a glassGarnish with maraschino cherry

Double Berry Blast

Blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries are blended with lemon-lime soda for a fruity explosion in every sip. Trust us, it is truly berry-licious! 

IngredientsFresh strawberriesBlueberriesRaspberriesCranberry juiceIce cubes
How do you make it?Blend all the berries together with ice cubes until smoothStrain the mixture into a glass and garnish with a berry skewer

Mickey Mouse

A mocktail that is as playful as its name, made with orange juice, soda water, and grenadine syrup! It is perfect for kids. 

IngredientsOrange juiceGrenadine syrupSoda waterIce cubes
How do you make it?In a glass of ice cubes, pour orange juice and grenadine syrupTop up with soda water and stir gently before serving

Mocktails And Its Benefits

While mocktails may seem like a substitute for alcoholic drinks, they offer their own benefits. 

  • Inclusive: With mocktails, everyone can participate in social gatherings or celebrations regardless of their alcohol preferences.
  • Nutritional: It promotes overall wellness since it is packed with fresh fruits and juices and offers essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Hydration: Not only for socialising, but mocktails are also better options for long, sunny days. It keeps your body hydrated, unlike alcohol, which dehydrates your body.
  • Hang-over free: Your mornings after social events are much more pleasant without any fear of hangover. 
  • Fewer calories: If you watch your weight, you should opt for mocktails more often since they have fewer calories than alcoholic beverages. 

You can even count mocktails as a part of your daily diet. It could be a fun alternative if you are trying to cut back on alcohol. It is an ideal choice to satisfy the urge for a festive drink without compromising health or responsibilities. 

Mocktails Mixology Techniques

Creating exciting mocktails requires skill and creativity, just like cocktails. Here are some mixology techniques bartenders use to make memorable non-alcoholic drinks:

  • Muddling: Bruising and grinding fresh herbs and fruits in the base of the glass releases flavours. Mint and berries work well.
  • Layering: Alternating light and dark liquids in the glass through different pouring techniques results in visually striking drinks.
  • Infusions: Steeping fruits, herbs, or spices in simple syrups overnight intensifies flavours for the mocktail. Think lemon-basil or watermelon-mint syrups.
  • Foaming: Using a blender or iSi canister to introduce air into liquids like cream or juices results in fluffy, creamy foam tops.
  • Rimming: Moisten the glass rim with citrus or syrup before dipping in salt, sugar, or spices for an extra flavour punch.
  • Garnishing: Using fruits, herbs, edible flowers, or other creative garnishes adds flavour and makes the drink visually appealing.

Anyone can craft bar-worthy mocktails at home for special occasions with some practice.

Head To Jonah’s Bistro For A Refreshing Mocktail Break!

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your dining needs, Jonah’s Bistro is the place to go! It’s got a huge selection of food from Pan Asian, Italian, Japanese, and more, all with their own unique flavours and spices. 

You can get almost anything you could want – from salads to burgers, sizzling sizzlers, beverages, and steaks – all at great prices.

So, if you want to satisfy your cravings, head over to Jonah’s and try some of their mind-blowing mocktails, delicious pizzas and burgers, and sushi and bao and dumplings.


Mocktails have truly come into their own as exciting non-alcoholic alternatives. Their popularity shows that delicious drinks do not need alcohol to be enjoyable. Mocktail varieties offer refreshing options for all occasions while providing hydration and other health benefits. 

As people increasingly seek moderation and wellness-focused lifestyles, mocktails are here to stay on menus globally. Whether you want an alternative to cocktails or are simply looking to quench your thirst, mocktails have you covered with their vibrant flavours and visual presentations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1). Is mocktail alcoholic?

No, mocktails are not alcoholic beverages as they do not contain any alcohol. While mocktails are crafted to resemble popular cocktails in taste, colors, and presentation, they substitute non-alcoholic mixers in place of spirits to remain alcohol-free and suitable for all ages and occasions where alcohol is not permitted or preferred.

2). What is the most famous mocktail?

The most famous mocktail is probably the virgin mojito. It has all the refreshing flavors of a traditional mojito, like lime juice, mint leaves, and club soda, but without the rum. The virgin mojito is a popular non-alcoholic cocktail choice because it tastes great and is easy to make.

3). What is the basic mocktail formula?

A basic mocktail formula typically includes fruit juice, other non-alcoholic liquids, and mixers. It is often topped with a club soda or sparkling water splash for effervescence. Common ingredients in a mocktail are fruit juices, syrups, sodas, and other mixers that provide flavour and texture without alcohol.

4). Is mojito and mocktail the same?

No, mojito and mocktail are not the same. A mojito is an alcoholic cocktail that contains rum, lime juice, soda water, and mint. A mocktail, on the other hand, is a non-alcoholic drink that resembles a cocktail but does not contain any alcohol.

5). What is mocktail flavour?

Some popular mocktail flavours include fruit flavours like watermelon, lime, and orange. Tropical mocktails often combine flavours like pineapple, coconut, and mango.

Mocktail Varieties For Non-Alcoholic

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