8 main types of noodles around the world


There are countless types of noodles around the world to be enjoyed, each with its own unique flavour and texture. In this blog, let’s explore some of the most popular noodles from different regions.

For many people, noodles are a favourite dish for many. There are also a variety of noodle dishes that are popular street foods or home-cooked meals.

Some of the most popular Asian noodle dishes include Pho, a Vietnamese soup made with rice noodles; Ramen, a Japanese dish made with wheat noodles); and Pad Thai, a Thai dish made with rice noodles. In addition to these three dishes, there are many other delicious Asian noodle dishes found in restaurants and homes across the continent.

8 Main Types Of Noodles Around The World

From Raman to Japanese soba, there are wide varieties of noodles, and they are delicious strands of goodness that come in all shapes and sizes and can be cooked in countless ways. So, grab your chopsticks or fork to dive into the world of noodles.

8. Ramen

Ramen is a type of Japanese noodle soup. It consists of wheat noodles in a broth made from meat, vegetables, and soy sauce. Ramen is often topped with eggs, seaweed, and green onions.

7. Soba

Soba is made from buckwheat flour and it is a popular type of Japanese noodle. It is thin and brown in colour, with a slightly nutty flavour. Soba noodles are typically served cold, with a dipping sauce or hot soup.

6. Udon

The thick wheat-flour noodles known as udon are a Japanese delicacy. It is typically served in a broth with vegetables or meat and can also be stir-fried. Udon noodles are chewy and have a unique slippery texture.

5. Lo Mein

Lo mein is a type of Chinese noodle that is made from wheat flour and water. Lo mein noodles are usually boiled in water or broth and then stir-fried with vegetables and meat.
There are many different regional variations of lo mein, but the most common include Cantonese lo mein and Sichuan lo mein. Cantonese lo mein is the original version of the dish and features slick, chewy noodles that are stir-fried with meats and fresh vegetables. Sichuan lo mein is a spicy version of the dish that includes chilli peppers and Sichuan peppercorns in the stir-fry.

4. Pho

Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup that typically consists of rice noodles in a beef or chicken broth, with various toppings like green onions, cilantro, bean sprouts, and lime. The soup is often served with fresh herbs and chilli peppers on the side.

3. Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a dish made with rice noodles, chicken, shrimp, and peanuts. It is a popular street food in Thailand and is often served with a side of cucumber slices and lime wedges.

2. Filipino noodles

Filipino noodles, also known as Pancit, are a type of egg noodle popular in the Philippines. They are made from wheat flour, water, and eggs and are typically thin and long.
Pancit is often served as a quick snack or main meal and can be stir-fried or boiled. It is usually flavoured with soy sauce and vinegar, and vegetables.

1. Cellophane noodles

Cellophane noodles are a form of transparent noodle made from starch, such as potato starch. They are also known as glass noodles or bean thread noodles. It has a translucent appearance and delicate texture.

Cellophane noodles are usually sold in dried form and need to be soaked in hot water before use. They absorb the flavours of the foods they are cooked with and are often used in soups, stir-fries, and salads.

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With eight main types of noodles worldwide, you can explore a variety of flavours and textures to find what suits your taste. From ramen to soba and from pho to udon, there is something out there that everyone will love. So without much ado, try these most popular noodles around the world.


1. What are the most popular types of noodles around the world?
Ramen, udon, and soba are the four main types of noodles consumed in Asia. Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish made with wheat flour noodles in a broth flavoured with soy sauce. Udon is a thick wheat flour noodle also commonly found in Japan. Soba is a thin buckwheat noodle popular in Japan and China.

2. Which countries consume which type of noodles?
Ramen is most commonly associated with and consumed in Japan. Udon is also widely consumed in Japan as well as other parts of Asia, such as Korea and China. Soba noodles are popular in Japan and China.

3. Why are ramen noodles popular?
Ramen, a popular Japanese noodle soup, is made of wheat noodles served in broth with vegetables and soy sauce. Ramen is a delicious and satisfying dish with various toppings such as eggs, seaweed, and green onions.

8 main types of noodles around the world

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