Exploring 15 Different Types of Momos That You Haven’t Tried

different types of momos

All You Need To Know About Momos!

Do you know
The name ‘Momo’ hails from the Tibetan word ‘Mog Mog’, meaning ‘Something good to eat’?

Yes! Momo is a plate of delectable delight that makes your soul happy! It is a bite-sized mouthwatering snack hailing from the Himalayan regions of Tibet and Nepal. It is so irresistible that you would want to gobble one after the other, dipping it in a spicy red chutney- the bomb combo. in this you will get to know about the different types of momos

Though momos were initially made of Yak meat, the folded pockets of perfection also contain various fillings, from veggies to meats. We bet that you will enjoy the burst of flavour with every bite. 

Are you wondering about its nutritional content?

Calorie count of momos!
Steamed momos have 35.2 calories, precisely the goodness of a salad!

You can find momos from street vendors to upscale eateries, and they are always the crowned international sensation. Do you feel like eating one now? We know! Well, how long will you try only the steamed and fried momos?

In this blog, explore different types of momos you haven’t tried yet and hunt them down! Also, for the best momos in Chennai, you know where to go, the one and only “Jonah’s Bistro”. 

Here’re Must-Try 15 Momos For Your Taste Buds!

Get ready to explore the momo odyssey, from classic steamed momos to thrilling devil momos! You even have vodka momo on the list of 15 must-try ones!

From traditional to fusion, these tempting dim sums will leave you craving more. 

1. BBQ Momos

different types of momos

What will be the fusion of momos with smokiness, tenderness and delightful flavours? BBQ Momos!

Give a twist to your regular momos by marinating them with a blend of spices, skewering them onto sticks and grilling them over an open flame. The result? The tempting momos crisper on the outside and juicer on the inside! 

We bet it gives you sizzling sensations!

Do you know?
Fried momos are known as Kothey Momos!

2. Shot Momos

What comes to your mind when you think of momos? Of course, the half-moon-shaped appearance. 

But shot momos are not semi-round but have four unique small pockets, like how we used to play “paper four cups” as children. The steamed pockets are filled with different dips and sauces, making it the best-ever snack!

We bet you will immensely enjoy these four pockets of flavourful fun!

3. Smoky Tandoori Momos

different types of momos

Are you ready to give a modern twist to a timeless classic? Marinate the momos with turmeric, lime, cumin and red chilli paste and cook it in a tandoor!

The smoky flavour will surely awaken your tastebuds, and we are sure you will enjoy the juicy tandoori momo and its fiery twist!

4. Dessert Momos 

Are you craving dessert? What about some momo-licious sweet? Momos have conquered the world of desserts, too! 

You can have chocolate, brownie, oreo, nuts fillings, etc. And to make it look convincing, they make the momos in chocolate colour. 

We bet it will be your sweetest surprise!

5. Gravy Momos

different types of momos

Are you ready for another momo fusion? Imagine having tender momos in a tomato-based or creamy dip. Well, that’s gravy momos. 

The plumpy momos inside the bowl of aromatic spice, savoury broth and velvety sauces are everything you need to shoo away your blues! 

Enjoy the varieties, butter chicken gravy momos, manchurian gravy momos, masalendar momos, cheesy creamy gravy momos, etc. 

We are sure you will enjoy this momo-gravy glam magic!

6. Momos Chaat 

Are you looking for a perfect evening snack? Don’t look further, for commando momo is there to your rescue!

We Indians always hold a special place for chaat in our hearts. Every day we come up with new recipes, and now, you should try the trending momo chaat too!

Add onions, tomatoes, puffed rice, sriracha sauce, tamarind chutney, and thick yoghurt to the momos. 

We are sure you will love this chaat charm!

Do you know?
In Himalayan regions, momos are filled with ‘Chhurpi’, a type of cheese found in the hilly regions. 

7. Edamame Truffle Dumplings

This authentic Chinese recipe will leave you mouthwatering. Bonus points: It is guilt-free and nutritious since it has so much protein! Edamame is nothing but young soybeans, which makes it a healthy option, in case you are wondering. 

We are sure you will love this elevated momo game!

8. Vodka Momos

Momos have not spared booze too! Why not ‘Vodka Momos’ if you feel like trying something new? It is a unique and one-of-its-kind dish you shouldn’t miss. 

Don’t worry; you won’t get high after having them! But still, you can tell the guy to go strong on the vodka as per your preference!

We are sure you will cheer(s) to the momo fusion!

9. Kurkure Momos

Do you want a crunch texture to your regular momos? How about infusing kurkure? 

Yes! All you have to do is take the tender momos with a filling of your choice, coat them with kurkure powder, and add them to the pan for frying. 

With every bite, it gets crunchy, crispy and irresistible!

10. Au Gratin Momos

This is a fusion of two different sides, Western and Eastern delicacies. Imagine having dim sums nestled in a creamy cheese sauce and topped with herbs, spices and breadcrumbs- that’s Au Gratin Momos for you! 

We are sure you will enjoy this melt-in-your-mouth delight!

11. Jhol Momos

You can name Jhol Momos as soup momos too! It is because momos are served in a spicy sauce that is of soup consistency, called achar. It gives you a hot, spicy and tangy feeling. 

From broth to bite, you will surely enjoy these soul-warming momos!

12. Afghani Momos

Another must-try on the list is the Afghani momos. We are sure the creamy texture will enhance the taste of the dim sum. 

Pro tip: It shows you the door to delectable heaven when paired with any spicy and hot sauces.

We bet the creamy goodness will show your paradise!

Do you know?
Momos are most popular in Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, West Bengal, Assam, and North Delhi!

13. Open Momos

different types of momos

Also known as ‘open-faced momos’ or ‘momo cha’, Open Momos are made with an opening on the top, where you can see the fillings. When steamed to perfection, the open momos are a feast for your taste buds and also for your eyes. 

We bet your first bite into creativity will satisfy your food cravings!

14. Devil Momos

If you are only spicy tolerant, you should try this devil momos. (Not for the faint-hearted!!!) Made with Tibetan herbs and spices, it can be the best side dish for fried rice and noodles too!

Are you up for a spicy affair? We are sure the flavourful flames will capture your heart!

15. Schezwan Momos

different types of momos

At Jonah’s Bistro, you can find veg and chicken Schezwan Momos. Sauteed with Schezwan sauce, the momos will taste luscious. 

We are sure you will enjoy the sauteed Schezwan perfection!

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If you are a food explorer, you should try these different types of momos listed above, and we bet each bite will tell you a unique story! Bon appetite, foodophiles! Visit Jonah’s Bistro to enjoy your momo date in Chennai!

Frequently Asked Questions

1). Which place is famous for momos?

Nepal and Nepal are famous for momos since the delicious dim sum originated there from the Himalayan regions. 

2). Who made the first momo in India?

Tibetan community that got settled in Darjeeling and other regions of the Himalayas introduced momos to the Indian palate. 

3). Is momos good for health?

Steamed momos with vegetable and meat fillings are healthy since it is stuffed with protein and nutrients. However, fried momos and other processed versions are less healthy due to higher calorie and fat content. 

4). What is momo made of?

Momos are made of simple dough with vegetable (cabbages, carrots, and onions) and meat (chicken, pork, beef, and fish) fillings. 

5). Is momo and dumpling the same?

Though momo and dumplings are similar, they are not the same. Momo is a type of dumpling originally found in Nepal and Tibet. But dumpling, on the other hand, encompasses various similar dishes from different countries. 

Exploring 15 Different Types of Momos That You Haven’t Tried

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