11 Different types of soup around the world

types of soups around the world


People from all across the world have been enjoying soup for ages since it is a universally nourishing and soothing cuisine. This traditional dish is prepared differently in every country, with various ingredients, preparation techniques, and spices yielding a wide variety of flavours and textures.

This blog talks about 11 types of soups worldwide, from the sour and spicy Minestrone in Italy to the acidic and hot Tom Yum soup in Thailand. Join us on a culinary adventure as we explore the fascinating background and cultural significance of these cherished soups and teach you how to make them at home.

11 different types of Soup around the world

11. Gazpacho

gazpacho soup
Andalusia soup, Gazpacho – cold served soup

In Spain’s Mediterranean area of Andalusia, the most well-known soup originates. It is not surprising that fresh ingredients like tomatoes, garlic, onions, pepper, and olive oil give this traditional Spanish cuisine its flavour.

Since this soup is typically consumed cold and with a piece of bread, its name, Gazpacho, translates from Arabic as “wet bread.” Today, there are many different ways to make gazpacho, using things like almonds, avocado, melon, and watermelon, among other things.

10. Minestrone

minestrone soup
Minestrone Soup is just a hearty version of veggies soup

During the First World War, the most well-known Italian soup first appeared. Due to the lack of food in the area, the peasants created a salty broth in which they boiled all of the available veggies. Each family pitched in with the ingredients they possessed at the time as the dish was cooked in enormous cauldrons in the middle of the city squares. Then the minestrone, or “thick vegetable soup” as it is known in Italian.

For the minestrone recipe, there is no set rule. You can use a variety of veggies, including potatoes, celery, and carrots. Other ingredients in certain dishes include rice, pasta, and meat. As a result, minestrone is among the world’s most accessible and reasonably priced soups.

9. Ramen

ramen soup
An umami flavored Japanese noodle soup- Ramen

The base of ramen is a pork, fish, or chicken broth that is taré-seasoned and served with spaghetti. Vegetables and cooked eggs are among the elements used as a side dish.

Despite being primarily well-known in Japan, this soup has Chinese roots. The most well-known Ramen mythology dates back to the 17th century when a feudal lord who was the first Japanese person to try the soup was given food by a Chinese tutor.

8. Efo Elegusi / Egusi

efo elegusi egusi type of soup
West African cuisine, cooked with ground egusi melon.

African soups have traditional preparations and unique flavours. An illustration would be the Igbo people’s traditional consumption of the Nigerian dish Egusi soup.

The West Africans refer to the pumpkin and melon seeds that are the key components of Egusi soup as “egusi.” In a soup that also contains fish, dried shrimp, beef tripe, vegetables, and spices, the seeds are cooked in palm oil and added.

7. Goulash

goulash soup
An hungarian dish of stewed beef and tomatoes.

The Hungarian-born soup goulash is among the most well-known in the entire world. Its origins are intertwined with the history of their people, who, when forced to leave their homes to care for livestock, prepared meat for travel.

With the inclusion of paprika and tomatoes, the goulash recipe has been developed over the years, taking on the form we are familiar with today. In certain recipes, the soup is enriched by the addition of potatoes and pasta.

6. Chowder Soup

chowder soup
Creamy rich soup with a base of salt pork or bacon.

The Chowder Soup, one of the most classic soups in North America, is created with cream and shellfish. However, it has a European origin, discovered in the 16th and 17th centuries on the southeast coasts of England and France. A fish and seafood soup resembling today’s chowder was served to sailors upon their return after long voyages.

There are various variations of this well-known soup available across the nation, including New England Clam Chowder (with potatoes and onions), Manhattan Clam Chowder (with tomato broth in place of sour cream), and Rhode Island Clam Chowder (with bacon and shellfish).

5. Soto

soto soup
Indonesia soupy dish contains shredded meat or chicken, vermicelli, and bean sprouts.

Soto, a fragrant broth with meat and rice noodles, is one of the most often consumed foods in Indonesia. There are other variants, but one of the most well-known is Soto Ayam, which is made with boiled chicken and served with eggs, tofu, and fried onions.

Soto was not actually created in Indonesia, despite the fact that it is regarded as a true Indonesian meal. Through their historical trading links, the Chinese brought this soup to Indonesia. In actuality, the name Soto is derived from the Chinese phrase Shao Tu, which means cooked internal organs.

4. Wonton Soup

wonton soup
Wonton soup is a standard of Chinese cuisine and made from seasoned chicken broth with filled wontons.

With a long history of making delicious and well-known soups, China has meals that combine various vegetables and meats with flavourful broths. Wonton Soup, which originated in the Canton area, is one of the most well-known soups in the nation. In this dish, wontons, which are constructed of extremely fine flour and egg dough, are cooked in a hot broth with veggies and meat.

This soup’s history begins in the 17th century, under the Qing Dynasty when only affluent families were allowed to eat it. The soup gained popularity among the working classes with the start of World War II, and today it is eaten across the nation and in Southeast Asia.

3. Phở

pho soup
Vietnam dish cooked with beef and rice-Phở

As one of its most famous soups, Phở, can witness, Vietnamese cuisine is rich in flavours and textures. In this recipe, rice noodles and beef slices are cooked in a flavourful broth that contains a number of different spices, including coriander, ginger, and cardamom.

The traditional recipe calls for the broth to simmer for more than 12 hours, which ensures that this common Vietnamese soup has a distinctive flavour. Phở is a dish that is offered in many eateries across the nation and is frequently eaten for breakfast. The dish was created during the French colonial era in Vietnam, which is when it first gained popularity.

2. Tortilla Soup

tortilla soup
An authentic Mexican dish is made with chicken broth, tomatoes, garlic, onion and fried tortilla strips.

Few people are aware that the famous soup that is so characteristic of Mexico is made with corn tortillas, a meal that is popular around the world. Pieces of fried corn tortillas are combined with tomato soup that has been spiced with onion, garlic, parsley, and pepper to make the Tortilla Soup.

In central Mexico, tortilla soup is extremely well-liked. Its roots combine those of the pre-Columbian inhabitants of the area with those of the Spaniards who colonised it. Due to the plentiful supply of corn in the area, the locals had been making tortillas since 10,000 BC, but it was the Europeans who introduced the soup culture to North America.

1. Tom Yum

tom yum soup
Tom Yum is a simple but flavorful soup.

Thai food is primarily comprised of spicy soups. One of the most well-known dishes in the nation, tom yum features an extraordinarily aromatic broth made of a variety of herbs and spices, including lemongrass, galangal, and kaffir lime leaves.

Tom and Yum are translated as “to cook” and “to combine,” respectively, in Thai. From this straightforward idea, a variety of soups with various forms of protein were created, including Tom Yum Kung (with shrimp), Tom Yum Gai (with chicken), and Tom Yum Kha Mu (with pork).

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One food that has been enjoyed in various forms across countries and cuisines is soup, which is truly a global dish. There is a soup out there that will meet your cravings, whether you’re seeking a robust and warming supper on a chilly evening, a refreshing and light lunch on a hot day, or a calming medicine for a cold or the flu. We hope that reading this blog has sparked your interest in learning more about the varied world of soup and trying your hand at some of these delectable recipes. So why not prepare your ingredients, light your burner, and set out on a culinary journey into the delicious and varied world of soup?


1. Why is soup healthy?

Because it is produced with ingredients that are high in nutrients and is cooked slowly, which allows the nutrients to release into the broth, soup is healthful. It is a hydrating and satisfying dish that can aid in digestion and weight management.

2. What are the 5 types of soup?

Clear soups, thick soups, broths, cream soups, and purees are the five primary varieties of soup. These classifications are based on the composition, texture, and technique of cooking of the soup.

3. Which soup is best for hair?

There isn’t a specific soup that has a reputation for being particularly good for hair health. But eating a diet high in nutrients, such as soups made with vegetables, lean proteins, and bone broth, can boost general health, including hair health.

4. What is a thick soup called?

Typically, a thick soup is referred to as a cream soup or a pureed soup. These soups are produced by blending or pureeing the ingredients into a thick and substantial soup that has a smooth and creamy texture.

11 Different types of soup around the world

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