7 Types of Healthy Soups available at – Jonah’s Bistro

At Jonah’s Bistro, you may elevate your culinary experience with various healthful and delectable soups. We take pride in providing a different types of healthy soups to suit a variety of palates and wellness preferences. 

From rich and meaty to light and refreshing, our soups are lovingly made with only the finest ingredients to ensure taste and sustenance. 

Join us on a tour of our menu as we showcase a selection of soups that strike the perfect blend of enjoyment and nutritious benefits. At Jonah’s Bistro, we’re dedicated to providing an excursion that caters to your taste buds and well-being.

Best types of healthy soups at Jonah’s Bistro

1. Tomato basil soup

types of healthy soups

With our Cream Soup with Roasted Tomato and Basil, a standout among Jonah’s Bistro’s greatest healthy soups, you may indulge in the exquisite harmony of flavours. 

  • Vibrant nutrients: The silky mixture reveals a compelling interplay of caramelised roasted tomatoes and the energising fragrance of fresh basil, all wrapped in a vivid scarlet hue. 
  • Savour the soothing memories of handcrafted goodness with each spoonful while embracing the nourishing embrace of skillfully mixed ingredients. This soup is a work of art, combining the essence of tomatoes and basil into a beautiful symphony of flavour, leaving a lingering and uplifting delight.
  • Serving Suggestions: For a well-rounded and delicious lunch, serve this hearty soup with whole-grain bread or a fresh garden salad. Jonah’s Bistro’s brilliant colours and enticing fragrances will surely enrich your eating experience.

2. Spinach soup

types of healthy soups

To provide a smooth and delicious experience, we precisely purée the fresh spinach, resulting in a consistent and velvety basis for our soup. As a result, the soup glides across your tongue, bursting with earthy flavours with each spoonful.

  • Nutrient-rich goodness: High in vitamins and minerals, spinach takes the front stage in our soup. This leafy green is a vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant powerhouse that contributes to your overall health with every meal. Enjoy the benefits of iron, vitamins A and C, and other health-promoting ingredients.

3. Mushroom soup

types of healthy soups

With rich, roasted goodness, our Mushroom Soup celebrates the deep, earthy flavours of roasted mushrooms. Each mushroom is delicately roasted to bring out its natural umami, resulting in a flavour base that is both meaty and fulfilling.

  • Creamy Elegance: Adding fresh cream brings this soup to a creamy elegance level. The creaminess adds to the texture and intertwines with the essence of the mushroom, creating a balanced symphony of flavours that dance on your taste senses.
  • Herbal Infusion: Carefully selected herbs are the secret behind our Mushroom Soup’s enticing fragrance. These herbs complement the earthiness of the mushrooms, creating a tantalising complexity that wakes your senses with each spoonful.

4. Chicken soup

types of healthy soups
  • Vibrant Vegetable Medley: A substantial serving of mixed vegetables complements the chicken. These veggies, carefully chosen for their freshness and diversity, add a splash of colour, texture, and nutrition to the soup. Each vegetable gives its distinct flavour to the dish, from carrots to peas.
  • Hearty and Nourishing: Aside from its delectable taste, our Chicken Soup is a filling source of nutrition. The mix of protein from the chicken and various vitamins and minerals from the veggies guarantees that each bowl contains a well-rounded and balanced meal.

5. Beef Goulash soup

types of healthy soups

Our Beef Goulash Soup pays homage to a time-honoured meal that has captured people’s hearts for years. Goulash, originating in Eastern European cuisine, embodies the rustic comfort of substantial ingredients and bold flavours.

  • Tender Beef Delight: Succulent chunks of beef have been meticulously cooked to soft perfection in every mouthful of our soup. It is one of the most healthy and best soups offered in our cuisine, which can be tried with other salads provided. 

6. Clear soup

Enjoy our Clear Soup, a rich broth that serves as a delicious start to the colourful Chicken Lettuce Salad with zesty mustard lemon dressing or creamy mayo. We believe in crafting dishes that tantalise the taste buds while presenting a balanced balance of flavours at Jonah’s Bistro.

  • Clear Soup’s Subtle Elegance: Our Clear Soup is a monument to the beauty of simplicity. This clear and aromatic broth, made with the finest ingredients, whether vegetables or meat, catches the essence of its components, producing a calming yet intensely flavoured start to your meal.
  • The choice is yours: Vegetable or Meat: You can choose between a vegetable-based broth and one filled with the goodness of meat in our Clear Soup.

7. Seafood Minestrone

This soup’s base is a tomato-infused broth with a rich and robust flavour. The tomatoes add their typical sweetness and tanginess, forming a lively foundation that matches the seafood and veggies well.

  • An Ocean of Ingredients: This soup has an ocean’s worth of seafood treasures. Each ingredient, from succulent prawns to flaky fish, is meticulously picked and cooked perfectly. The seafood adds layers of texture and flavour that transform each bite into a flavour adventure.
  • Veggie Bounty: Our Seafood Minestrone Soup’s variety of vegetables offers a beautiful crunch and earthy undertones. Carrots, celery, and beans combine to provide a balanced and nutritional composition that adds to the soup’s overall appeal.

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Enjoy Nutritious Soup Selections at Jonah’s Bistro

With Jonah’s Bistro’s wide selection of nutritious soups, you can embark on a journey combining flavour and nutrition. Each bowl reflects our dedication to high-quality ingredients, culinary expertise, and your well-being. Our soups are a testament to the skill of balancing taste and health, from classic favourites like Tomato Basil Soup to new creations like Seafood Minestrone Soup.

Wrapping Up

Discover the right balance of flavour and health with Jonah’s Bistro’s nutritional soup options. Every spoonful embodies the commitment to creating recipes that satisfy your cravings while honouring your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Dive into our rich and bright soups and enjoy the lovely interplay of flavours that tell a story of culinary experience. 


1. Are these soups suitable for people with special dietary needs?

Absolutely! Our varied soup offerings meet a variety of nutritional requirements. Whether you’re a vegetarian, looking for gluten-free options, or prefer meat-based options, we have soups.

2. Can soups be eaten as a meal?

Yes, many of our soups are intended to be healthful and filling enough to serve as a whole meal. Pair them with a side of your choice for a complete meal.

3. Can I modify the soup’s toppings or ingredients?

While our soups are carefully made, we recognise the value of customisation. Please inquire about variations, and we will try our best to meet your wishes, which tantalise your taste buds. 

7 Types of Healthy Soups available at – Jonah’s Bistro

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