3 Important Tips for Choosing Authentic Italian Restaurants

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Why do you think people love Italian Food? 

Italian cuisine is quite popular for several reasons, including its health benefits. Italians retain the nutritional component since they use simple preparation techniques and fresh ingredients. The calorie level is also under control due to the sparing addition of substances. They only utilise a small amount of meat, pasta, greens, tomatoes, and olive oil. 

This is why dieters just like Italian cuisine. Obviously, simple, fresh, and healthy. Over time, Italians have consistently employed the same ingredients. Utilizing the freshest produce available is a part of the custom. Their culinary customs have been handed down from generation to generation. 

All of us love Italian food, right from pasta to pizza but choosing an authentic Italian restaurant is difficult for the most of us. 

3 Tips For Choosing Authentic Italian Restaurants

1. Avoid selecting a restaurant that serves pizza at lunch

A restaurant that serves pizza during lunch is NOT a great option. Pizza is not a lunchtime meal in Italy. Another sign that a restaurant caters to tourists is if it serves pizza for lunch. Pizza must be made properly, in a wood-burning oven that takes a while to heat up to the temperature at which it is cooked, which is 485°C. And because heating the oven takes so much time and energy, they just don’t turn it on for the already indicated, shortest lunch service.

Pizza is a social cuisine that Italians go out to dine for in the evenings because the majority of them don’t actually have a wood-burning pizza oven at home because ovens can’t achieve the temperature needed to make a proper Italian pizza.

2. Do some research

Conduct some market research before selecting a restaurant. If you want to find out if there are any excellent Italian eateries in the area, ask your friends and relatives. For instance, if you reside in Chennai, seek out individuals who have visited local Italian eateries and ask for recommendations. To find the ideal location, you can also Google “Best Italian restaurants in Chennai.”

Additionally, it could be beneficial to examine online consumer reviews. You can do this by looking at a restaurant’s social media profiles, website, or simple Google My Business rating. 

3. No photos please!

There are photographs on the menu inside a place that seems to be fairly lovely. You should reconsider ordering from that restaurant. 

The restaurant’s pasta menu impresses consumers in Chennai with good service rather than photos of mouthwatering meals that aren’t at all what you expected them to be. So, if you see photos, it suggests the restaurant is simply using psychological tricks to entice consumers into ordering outrageously priced items. 

If a restaurant is confident in their food, why would they need to include photographs on the menu? It’s just a ploy to lure clients and force them to place an order, as you would have anticipated. If you are unaware that no reputable restaurant would act in that manner, you risk falling for the scam.  

What are The Famous Dishes in Italian Cuisine?

It is also important to know more about the Italian dishes that are famous around the world. Here is a quick list of some of the world famous Italian dishes that are loved by everyone.

1. Sphaghetti

Spaghetti is at the top of the list of Italian foods that you simply must taste. It is usual to enjoy every bite of the dish because the Italians are really proud of it. You might think that pasta is a food that is available everywhere. But what makes this dish remarkable is that it is one of the most traditional Italian dishes, showcasing the distinctive qualities of this cuisine to the fullest. 

2. Pizza

A handmade sauce produced from freshly peeled tomatoes and a combination of savoury, enhancing herbs is a staple of authentic Italian pizza. Authentic Italian pizza does not combine the toppings and sauce to be cooked together, as you will also notice. The sauce is merely spread along the crust.

3. Risotto

The Risotto is one of the most well-known Italian dishes in the world. While some claim that Italians prefer bread to all other types of carbohydrates, a creamy risotto is the national dish of choice! The wealthy like this well-known Italian dish since it is typically made with expensive and high-end ingredients. 

4. Polento

The Polenta is a specialty of northern Italy that residents frequently eat. It resembles a mush of maize and goes well with meats, salads, and zuppa (soup). The simplicity and depth of flavour of this Italian cuisine make it a must-try. Although some people may think of polenta as “basic” or “bland,” a well-prepared dish like polenta fritters or a stew with polenta is incredibly soul-satisfying. 

5. Lasagne 

One of the most well-known Italian dishes in the world, lasagna is made by layering pasta sheets with a meaty ragu, bechamel, and cheese before baking them. Because mozzarella lacks a tangy flavour, a native would always choose Parmigiano Reggiano sprinkled on top of Lasagne. 

6. Gelato

While many people assume that gelato is the Italian version of American ice cream, an Italian would disagree if you asked them. Less fat, water, and air are used in the preparation of gelato, which increases its flavour and sweetness. 

7. Focaccia

The most delectable type of bread made in Italy is called focaccia. It is a flatbread that has been topped with pesto and olive oil and made with veggies including onions, tomatoes, and olives. You don’t even need to eat anything else because this bread is that flavorful. Drink a fine rose wine while eating freshly made focaccia, and your lunch is ready! 

8. Burrata

Perhaps Burrata is the only type of cheese that is best consumed by itself. The only difference between it and the classic mozzarella cheese found in Italy is that it is significantly creamier and butterier. Burrata, basil, and tomatoes in a side salad will make your lunch or dinner taste just amazing. 

Bottom line

By now, you would know what too look for while choosing the authentic Italian restaurants. Jonah’s Bistro serves European, Pan Asian, American, continental, Italian and Japanese cuisine. Right from salads to sandwiches to sizzlers and steaks, We have it all. 


1. What is Italy food famous for?
The most delectable type of bread made in Italy is called focaccia. It is a flatbread that has been topped with pesto and olive oil and made with veggies including onions, tomatoes, and olives. You don’t even need to eat anything else because this bread is that flavorful. 

2. What food do Italians enjoy?
Pasta, cheese, produce, olive oil, meats, and wine are among the staples of the Italian cuisine. Fresh ingredients are very important to Italians. 

3. What is the most authentic Italian cuisine?
Traditional Italian cuisine does not include excessive amounts of sauce, cheese, or “plenty of herbs and spices.” Those are creations of American legend. Italian cuisine is known for its lightness, abundance of vegetables, minimal cheese (even on pizza), and high nutritional value. 

4. What dish did the Italians invent?
Italy’s most well-known invention and one of the world’s most popular foods is pizza. 

3 Important Tips for Choosing Authentic Italian Restaurants

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