4 Tips on How to Choose Best Place for Candlelight Dinner in Chennai


Dinner dates are a very important part of your romantic life. And having them surrounded by vibrant candles adds beauty to your dinner experience with your loved one. In today’s hectic and fast-paced lifestyle, we are unable to spend meaningful time with our loved ones. This is an issue that most people in today’s world face. 

But you can always take small breaks from your work schedule and plan some romantic dinner dates with your loved one that will make them feel loved and help strengthen your bond. The idea of a dinner date may vary for every couple, but the main concept of this is to share your love, care, and most importantly, time.

Plan your perfect date


A romantic candlelight dinner is more about how much thought and love you put into it than how much money you spend on it. A well-planned and well-executed candlelight dinner is a surefire way to win over your loved one. So do a little research before you decide on your dinner location. Here are some of the elements you should consider while choosing the best restaurant for your candlelight dinner. 

i) Ambience

The ambience of the restaurant you choose for your dinner is important to enjoy the best time with your loved one. Choose the surroundings according to how your partner likes them. Do they like a serene atmosphere, or do they like it with some good music and dancing? Choose your place based on their preferences because this dinner is all about them. 

ii) Location

Choose the best location for your candlelight dinner. Do a little research on which restaurant setting will suit you and choose accordingly. You can also have dinner in parks, on beaches, in backyards, or on a boat. Whatever your location, as long as your partner is happy, that’s all that matters. 

ii) Food and Services

This is an important factor to consider while choosing your restaurant. After putting so much effort into the location and setting of your candlelight dinner, if the food and services are not up to par, then everything will go down the drain. So do thorough research about the food and services of a restaurant before deciding on it. 

iv) View

Selecting a location with a good view adds a little more romance to your romantic dinner. It can be a beach view, a rooftop restaurant with a night view of the city, or a garden surrounded by trees and stars. Whatever it is, the more beautiful it looks, the more romantic it gets. 

v) Price

Always consider the total cost of the dinner before finalising it. It is okay to lavish your loved one by spending on them, but make sure the money you spend is returned with an equal level of quality service by the restaurant or event organisers. 

Some Elements That Enhance Your Candlelight Dinner Experience

best place for candlelight dinner

While planning for your romantic candlelight dinner with the restaurant, you can add some of your ideas to add a personal touch to your dinner experience. You can be creative with the lighting, music, and many other aspects to make your dinner more romantic. Here are some of the elements that can enhance the overall experience of your romantic candlelight dinner.

1. Set The mood

Set the mood for your romantic dinner. Glowing candles, mildly scented flowers and soft, soothing music are the best combos when it comes to romantic dinners.  Arrange them creatively along your dining area to enhance the mood of your romantic dinner. Use some mildly scented candles and flowers so that you don’t interfere with the flavourful scent of the food. For music, you can play some soft music, or you can even arrange for some artists to perform for you.

2. Set  The Menu

The next step here, of course, would be setting the menu. Select menus that are your partner’s favourite when planning your candlelight dinner. Get creative with the menus and add some personal touch to them. Don’t forget to add some desserts, they are the most important. Prepare your menu list well in advance for a well-planned and smooth dinner experience. 

3. Add Some Fun

Add some fun to your romantic dinner. You can do this by adding an invitation and adding a menu card that was created by you. It will be more romantic if it is handwritten with some romantic and colourful phrases along the line. You can send the invitation to their workplace, so it is less likely to be unseen, and it can add some surprise and excitement to your partner after a long day at work. When it comes to the menu card, make the names of the dishes more creative and funny. 

4. Table and Seating Arrangements

Discuss the table and seating arrangements with the restaurant before planning your dinner. Some restaurants have exclusive rooms for candlelight dinners to give you some privacy. If you wish to have your dinner outdoors or in an open area, ensure the place is excluded and away from prying eyes. Doing so will make your partner more comfortable and allow you to talk freely.

5. Dim the lighting

Dim the lighting around your table. There is always a touch of romance when it comes to dim lighting. You can put up some candles or fairy lights around your table and across the walls to make it more romantic. It gives your dinner an ethereal vibe and makes your partner feel like they are in a different world. 

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Candlelight dinners can help strengthen your romantic life, bring back fond memories, or even help you make new, beloved ones. So plan your best romantic dinner and surprise your beloved with an amazing and memorable candlelight dinner. 


4 Tips on How to Choose Best Place for Candlelight Dinner in Chennai

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