10 Best Coconut Mousse Recipe To Try

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A mousse is a muse to all the thick milk milkshakes out there. It is a French dessert that looks like a thick cloud and can be savoured with utmost satisfaction. Mousse in French means “Foam” and it rightfully justifies the name. The most common mousse eaten around the world is a chocolate mousse this airy, fresh dessert is best eaten cold or frozen. It’s traditionally made from whipped cream, whipped egg whites or both. The gelatin binds the entire mixture together and stabilizes it. Mousse, in general, is a snowy and airy dish and its best-served cold. This mousse can be transformed into different types of desserts and one such dessert being coconut mousse dessert.

There are savoury mousses available which are made from meat, fish, shellfish, cheese and vegetables. A coconut mousse dessert constitutes of the coconut extract and gelatin that makes the mixture solid and firm. Coconut mousse desert is an ideal dessert to beat the summer heat and also is relatively easier to make than other desserts. The basic ingredients that include in a coconut mousse, in general, is eggs, whipped creams, gelatin and extracts. This foamy and fluffiness that it gets is usually because of the egg white. This mixture is baked in a water bath so that it doesn’t crumble. Let us see the top 10 recipes to make from this beautiful edible cloud and indulge yourself in its grasps

Top 10 coconut mousse recipe

1. The traditional coconut mousse

This regular coconut mousse has a blend of coconut and gelatin that you normally find across the different restaurants. This elegant and beautiful cloud is simple to make with the least amount of ingredients possible. Check out the link below for a detail explanation of the coconut mousse

2. The frozen coconut mousse

This coconut mousse is a bit sophisticated and looks like an iceberg with chocolate on top. The chocolate melts down this frozen dessert making it look spectacular and eye-pleasing. The overall frozen coconut mousse dessert is made by simple few steps that are easy to follow. The recipe and the image can be viewed from the above-mentioned link-

3. Coconut mousse with fresh mango

If you are looking for an additional sweet element for your sweet tooth, this dessert would satisfy your cravings! Mango is one of the most eaten seasonal fruits out there and with mousse, it would act as a perfect combination of one of the best desserts in town! The mango extract adds up to this deliciousness of this dessert. Do check out the method to make this beauty!

4. Pumpkin turmeric coconut mousse

Ever wondered what would be a blend of sweet and tastefulness and heavy dessert that has sweetness written all over it? This dessert would fulfil your taste buds in al the right way. Pumpkin being a melon which has a bit of acidic nature and coconut mousse being all sweet, this dessert is indeed a perfect combination of sweet and sour and with a dash of turmeric. The recipe for this amazing dessert is down below

5. Chocolate Avocado mousse

This healthy dessert is a go-to food if you are looking for a healthy sweet break from your daily routine. Chocolate which acts as a sweetening agent and Avacado being a healthy fruit, this would be a perfect kick start for your day. This coconut mousse dessert can consume more time as compared to the regular mousse dessert but its worth the patience. The Avocado is a naturally occurring healthy fruit that can add up to the health quotient in the mousse as the mousse is sweet. Check out the recipe for this semi-healthy mousse-

6. Lemon coconut mousse

With lemon to zest it up, this tangy dessert is sure to bring a burst of sweetness and sourness in your mouth. Zest up your dessert game with this mousse. The recipe serves 3 and takes over 30 minutes to be fully prepared. Plus it is gluten-free and vegans can also try this delicious dessert.

7. Vegan chocolate mousse

If you are a vegan who doesn’t like meat and has a taste for some earthy flavours, then this dessert would perfectly fit in your description. Dark chocolate and usage of cayenne is what makes this dessert a hit for vegans out there

8. Papaya coconut mousse

Papaya is a little sweet and sour has a soft texture to it while a heavy mousse balances it out. This mousse is an amalgamation of sweetness and healthiness. Check out the link below-

9. Raisins coconut mousse

This coconut mousse has sprinklers, in this case, its Raisins which are tiny, minuscule food items that are sprinkled with the coconut mousse. Vanilla essence is added to this mousse which makes it more delicious. The raisins can be gold ones or black, depending on the requirements.

10. Vegan coconut mousse with passion fruit, lime and roasted pineapple

If you are looking for something more intricate and sophisticated dessert and are ready to experiment with coconut mousse then this dish is best suited for your personality. Roasted pineapple seals in all the flavour and passion fruit balance the sweetness in the desert.


These are the top 10 experimental coconut mousse recipes that you can try at home and the savour all the deliciousness of your hard work. There are a lot of other ways of exploring coconut mousse by garnishing it and also using different sweeteners to make the dessert sweeter oriented. Mousse, in general, is an edible cloud of foam that is extravagant and coconut mousse just adds more freshness to it.

10 Best Coconut Mousse Recipe To Try

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