Herbs and spices all the way from Europe!

Are you in the mood for a continental breakfast? A protein-rich plate of eggs, bacon, toast beans and fruits, paired with some freshly squeezed orange juice. Doesn’t it sound appetizing? If you love European cuisine, you know what we’re talking about!

Jonah’s Bistro offers the best continental food in Chennai with its vibrant ambience and ideal seating arrangement.

Continental cuisine is prepared in European countries. Typically, French and Mediterranean cuisines are combined to make continental dishes. This category of “continental foods” includes the cuisines of European countries like Spain, France, Italy, and others.

The main ingredients in continental cuisine are primarily meats such as beef, poultry and fish. Olive oil, wine, garlic and a variety of other herbs and spices are used to season and flavour the food. With minimal ingredients and subtle flavours, the cuisine is bound to impress you and leave your stomach and soul craving for more!

Continental food contains a lot of protein as it frequently contains meat and eggs. Foods in this cuisine are prepared by stewing, grilling and roasting, all of which immediately result in lower calorie content.

Did you know that fish is one of the staples of continental cuisine? It is a healthy choice because of its high Omega-3 content and is often considered the most satisfying and healthy option in continental cuisine.

Given the growing popularity of different cuisines, including continental foods, around the globe, it’s no surprise that Chennai boasts some of the top continental restaurants in town. The city has you covered for everything from breakfast buffets to dessert stops.

If you are looking for the best continental restaurant in Chennai, you must definitely try visiting our restaurant for lip-smacking continental dishes.

Right from starters to the main course and special drinks, everything is a treat at our restaurant. We have something for everyone and our wide range of menu items speaks for itself!

Potatoes And Ham Salad

Honey Mustard Salad Half

Shrimps In Chilli Sauce

Cheese Burger with Fries

Honey Mustard Salad Full

Cinnamon-Apple Waffle

Strawberry Waffle

Silver Dollar Pancakes

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